Lead Furniture Installer

MINIMUM 5 YEARS EXPERIENCE - Salary to be compensated by experience Benefits - medical, dental, and vision insurance; 401K; paid vacation and holidays. Primary Requirements Must read and

Administrative Support

This persons responsibility is to support a salesperson or persons that generate anywhere from 4 - 6 million dollars of business annually. Data entry of all new proposals to the Team Design

Interior Designer

One of the largest Commercial Furniture dealers in Florida has an immediate opening for a Designer in our Jacksonville office. Primary Requirements Work closely with architects and

Constant Affirmations

Feeling good about what you do is important to almost anyone you may ask.  Getting acknowledged for doing a good job is also Really Awesome!   Seeking out that affirmation however can have the

Celebrate the Small Things

Every day we go through one stress or another.  It could be so easy to fall into a space of becoming overwhelmed.  Even if we can’t seem to find the light at the end of the tunnel, remember,

Sanctuary Spaces

Stress in our everyday life can shorten attention to the smallest details.  How we seek to relieve the anxieties that this brings challenges us to seek refuge so that we can become clear again. 

Structural Satisfaction

If you were asked today if there was anything you could change about your job, what would it be? If you got what you asked for were you really prepared for that change? Every place of employment goes

Expendable or Dependable

We live in the world of a revolving doors.  Business owners often-times use the motto that everyone is replaceable.  If something just doesn’t go the way it should, then you are out the door. 

Is the Customer Always Right?

By nature, we look at that word Furniture and immediately we think of a sofa, a table, places to sit or place our most important things.   Furniture is so much more!  It’s an amazing way to show


Location: Tampa, Florida Industry: Corporate Application: Corporate Office Products: Alea, Davis, Krug Working with TAMCO to plan and design a workspace that marries contemporary style with