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Structural Satisfaction

If you were asked today if there was anything you could change about your job, what would it be? If you got what you asked for were you really prepared for that change? Every place of employment goes through environmental changes. This could be anything from a lay off to a management restructure or even expansion. Adjusting to the alteration is potentially and enormous challenge. A shake up with something like a lay off can carry the implication maybe you did something wrong or in the case of a restructure, if your job will be relevant anymore. How do you handle that challenge? Are you Structurally Satisfied?

Over confidence in your abilities is a huge risk. Thinking so highly of yourself that no one can touch your swagger becomes annoying. Being the gossip clutch bag is also very dangerous. With one unclasping you are opening the pandoras box of not only potentially ruining someone’s integrity, but it also shows that you cannot be trusted. We all want that feeling of Job security and a family atmosphere where we work. It would make a lot of things easier. Realistically, that’s not how the world works.

Let’s break down the phrase. Structural means a form, shape, what something is made into. Satisfaction means being fulfilled. Structural Satisfaction comes from all sides. Starting with you. How you perform in your position. If you are willing and able to help your team and possibly other aspects outside of that. Do you have the feeling of belonging, inclusion? Then with the company. What they do to support their employees. Can they create a community where perhaps a Town Hall meeting, means you sit down like at a family Thanksgiving and talk about your feelings? The things that you see that could be better and offer ideas of how that change could be great. Weigh the pros and cons of that offering. The company being open to the at change. Willingness to work together through it all goes such a long way. Even if that epiphany is a huge flop, it’s not a failure because you supported each other. You have demonstrated to your employer that you are flexible and able to make through a transitional period without losing it. You will have gained their trust with your open mindedness. Being humbled with and Attitude of Gratitude, it’s possible, that just maybe, you will be rewarded for the efforts.