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Architectural Solutions

Demountable Walls

Allsteel Beyond, E2 Walls, Trendwall, and KI. Easily Install, reconfigure, and relocate to accommodate changing floor plans. Components can be classified as personal property for significant tax advantages.

Command Control Consoles

Command and control room consoles provide flexible furniture solutions for technology centers and mission critical applications. Each custom console is purpose-built to house a large quantity of computer equipment that meets the specific requirements of your critical operations environment.

The durable modular metal framework and exterior laminate finish of each console is designed to be easily reconfigured as your technology needs change and grow.

Additional Offerings


Can easily be moved and reconfigured should needs change.


Applied Materials that control echo and reverb to block sound from space to space.


A number of styles and applications allow users to work in comfort and companies to shrink their energy consumption.