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Is the Customer Always Right?

By nature, we look at that word Furniture and immediately we think of a sofa, a table, places to sit or place our most important things.   Furniture is so much more!  It’s an amazing way to show your style.  Through color you express the feeling you want to show the people around you to have.  For example, choosing a warm color such as beige can give a feeling of warmth.  Blue accents keep a space calm, and relaxing.  Throughout each space you can inspire a connection to whomever is welcomed in.

Our industry has developed a keen awareness to the needs of our customers. We aim to please, and we hope that we can guide our customers to chose what not only meets their need but keeps them excited about the aesthetics of their workspace.  This is why, listening to our customers the key to success.   Customers are the driving force into the way a space is designed and created.  Think of the individual spaces as personalities. Each one is different, and you need to adjust your ideas to work within the confines of that persons wishes, desires and practicalities.  Or in other words, champagne tastes with a hard lemon aid budget.  Showing your customers all the options can also be overwhelming.  Too many choices can cloud the overall objective.  It’s always important to keep it realistic.  Open honest communication and not promising the World when you can only give them Rhode Island is vital.

So, to answer the question asked in the title….NO, the customer is not always right and Yes, the customer is always right.  Why the contradiction?  Well, simply put, the customers ideas are always subject to interpretation.  Customers come with expectations.  With those expectations, comes the desire to meet them. That is where we the provider, are encouraged to make that connection.  No where does it say that it can’t be done.  Sometimes you just have to be creative with the product that is within the confine of the budget.   We are very fortunate in this day and age to have the ability to visualize the end design with technology and a click of a mouse.   Furniture has been around since the days of only using a rock and a sharp edge.  Even then, the person creating it had an idea and with the use of simple tools was able to invent a usable surface.   Now there is science and research behind colors and fabrics, textures and fixtures.  Now we have no option but to create the spaces that our customers envision.