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Stress in our everyday life can shorten attention to the smallest details.  How we seek to relieve the anxieties that this brings challenges us to seek refuge so that we can become clear again.  Weather it is going to the gym, walking away from your anxiety outside in the fresh air, or going to a space that is set up for calm, creating time for that sanctuary space is so important.

Hospitals are not a place where one would naturally choose to look for calm, however, more and more you don’t have to go the chapel pursue solace.   Care takers of the ill often find themselves without rest and worry of the loved ones laying in the beds. Why not allow them to have a place that has been created for that sought-after peace?  Naturally, when we think of calm, we personally envision something that makes us happy.  A child’s laugh, a color, a place… All of this can be combined in such a special way.  Working with a design/architectural firm can be so beneficial. They understand the significance of bring all elements together in a way that will enhance the feeling of being taken care of.   For example, Outside gardens that include water features often increase the ability to take a deep breath and bring you into a meditative state.   Bring the outside in with living walls, and calming colors, dim lighting, soft textures surround you with comfort that encourages safe-haven vibes.

No matter which way you propose the design of the space, make sure to understand the element of the environment you are working with.  What emotions are you fostering?  Are you working with a personal space for one, or are you generating an all-inclusive impression for the masses?  For the ones that use this space, they have chosen to change their day and they are seeking a small moment in time to feel relief.   It’s not business it’s personal.