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Celebrate the Small Things

Every day we go through one stress or another.  It could be so easy to fall into a space of becoming overwhelmed.  Even if we can’t seem to find the light at the end of the tunnel, remember, things can always be worse, but more importantly, things can always get better.  By looking at your day and celebrating the small victories, you can start to see that it really wasn’t that bad.

Working with an amazing group of people that team together makes it easy to forget that no matter how your day has gone, at the end of the day, we have each other’s back.  We support you in the hardest of days and celebrate with you the highest of highs.  We will fight with you against the things that get you down or lift you up with something as simple as a smile and a so glad to see you today.

A Thank You means more than any small token.  Those words Thank You … They are so powerful.  Don’t take things personally.  The stress and frustration that someone expresses are normally not aimed at you, it’s more about the situation that got them to that point.  Understand that what is making them lash out, is just a feeling in a moment, and you are just there to let them get it out.  Sure, you may feel differently in the second, but letting it go and helping them work out what it is that’s bothering them will be measured more.   In the end the Team that understands each other, finds a way to get beyond that.

Being grateful for the jobs we have and the people that we are surrounded by, we are so very fortunate.  There are so many without, and we have been given a huge opportunity to work with each other.   Choose today to celebrate the small things.