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Expendable or Dependable

We live in the world of a revolving doors.  Business owners often-times use the motto that everyone is replaceable.  If something just doesn’t go the way it should, then you are out the door.  Sometimes with no explanation.  So, How do you keep yourself relevant to your company and your customers?  If you are a representative of the company (which all employees are), do you discount your abilities based on constructive criticism? The importance of communication in and out of the workplace is so important.  Customers rely on the email, phone call, or face to face meeting to make some of the biggest decisions.  How things are perceived could make or break the final judgment of weather a potential client chooses to work with you or against you.

The same can be said for product.  For instance, you have a potential client that wants to furnish an entire floor of an office building.  They have existing furniture that they want to use, but it’s over 15 years old and just not in the best condition.  This is an opportunity for you to present the company to the client with all options that could help them get the best results.  You have to understand that you are not just there for your companies bottom line, you are there for them to judge you.  How you begin your dialog holds a significant opening for you to get your foot in a door.   It’s not like dating someone you are trying to impress for the short term.  It’s like being in a marriage for 30 years.  How do you keep the sparks flying?  Be creative, enjoy what you do, let that shine through.  Even if you have had the worst day, be obliged to make this union strong and Dependable.   However, be aware, that being dependable does not mean you are not necessarily mean that you have it in the bag.  You cannot become complacent in the fact that you won a contract now you can move on.  On the contrary!  By just assuming that all is good and not following up, you lose that trust with the client and the company you work for.  Communication and open mindedness when approaching even the smallest of details, owning a mistake and working hard to correct it, keeps the consumer eager to work with you.  Again, you represent the company and you represent your character as a person every time you sit and write an email, make that phone call, or meet face to face.

Make use of your time, be accountable, hold yourself to the higher standard.  Can you present yourself in a way that even you would like to be around for years to come?  Can you keep the interest of a client long after the first interaction?  When you interviewed for your job, did you dress the part then go into hiding at home with your sweats and dirty t-shirt after you were hired?  Dress every day for the roll you want not the roll you are in.  Engage your clients with the same energy that you put into that first date.  They will stay and they in turn will be excited to work with you.