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Constant Affirmations

Feeling good about what you do is important to almost anyone you may ask.  Getting acknowledged for doing a good job is also Really Awesome!   Seeking out that affirmation however can have the opposite effect.

That saying that starts with “If you can’t take the heat…”  It goes without saying that those who constantly look for the that a boy must be feeling insecure about something.  If you are that troubled, then maybe you should be asking for help.  The sought-after confirmation of a job well done can make an employer look at you and question if you were the right choice for that position.   When you the seeker don’t get what you are looking for and get coaching instead on how to improve upon your abilities, don’t take it so personally.  It’s not that you are doing a bad job, it’s more about helping you seek better more efficient ways of getting it done.  Being insecure is a hard hurdle to over come for anyone.  Let your work and your abilities guide you, and the recognition will come.  It’s not the employer’s job to always verbalize the gratitude.

If you can’t take a criticism or critique of your style of working, then maybe you need to seek out another job.  Employers can’t waste the time always looking over their shoulders at your work.  Everyone has a job to do.   Standing in the way of forward progress makes everyone uncomfortable.  It slows everyone down and essentially your inabilities to complete tasks without some kind of Congratulations will be your downfall.  If you are not confident… “Get out of the Kitchen”!    If you are afraid to ask for the help, you really need to move on.  Be confident enough to make the position your own and you will get over what ever hurdles come your way.  Don’t think for a moment that it doesn’t go unnoticed.  That will reflect more highly upon you and in the end, your employer will give you what you need.

It’s better to be humbled by your inabilities than to be looking for validation in spite of them.