Assistant Operations Manager

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HOURS: 7:30am – 4:00 pm Monday – Friday. These hours will vary according to the workload. Overtime could be required at times.

UNIFORM: CDS collared shirt (Provided by CDS)
Black or Khaki pants or shorts (Provided by CDS)


1. Monitor receiving and space.
2. Schedule receiving with truck lines to ensure all product is received as needed. Do not turn away any trucks that show up unexpectedly.
3. Monitor manpower daily to make sure there is enough for the workload.
There should be 2 people in the warehouse daily to receive and stage product for the next day. Ensure that the Warehouse Assistant is keeping the warehouse clean and neat inside and outside.
4. Monitor dumpster levels and schedule pulls as needed.
5. Ensure that all of the product is being labeled as it is placed and the location is written on the packing lists. This should be completed by the end of each day.
6. Monitor returned items. There should be a designated area in the warehouse for returns and damages. Make sure installers are completing the return forms as product is brought back to the warehouse. Assist the support person as needed on information regarding the product (digital photos, etc.)
7. Enter receiving in Team Design each day.
8. Ensure that any product that needs to be returned or shipped out of the warehouse is done in a timely manner. All product going back to the manufacturer must have an RA associated with it. This will be obtained from the support person involved. All documentation will be sent to the support person after shipping.
9. Work closely with the Installation Manager to ensure that all product is received for installations scheduled and assist when needed.
10. Handle any personnel issues with the Warehouse Assistant
11. Do annual reviews for the Warehouse Assistants


1. The Installation Manager will provide the route sheets with delivery tickets each day by 12:00 noon for the next day deliveries.
2. Ensure that the product is pulled and staged by truck for the next day deliveries before the end of the day.
3. Ensure that the trucks are loaded correctly and that the lead installer has checked the paperwork before leaving for the job.


1. Purchase any equipment or supplies needed for the department, with prior approval from the Operations Manager. Monitor equipment as it goes out and comes back in.


1. Have knowledge of how to schedule jobs from the backlogs and handle when the Operations Manager is out of the office.
2. Be able to schedule manpower for the next days routes.
3. Handle sub contractors on a daily basis and quotes needed.