Administrative Support

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This person’s responsibility is to support a salesperson or persons that generate anywhere from 4 – 6 million dollars of business annually.

Data entry of all new proposals to the Team Design program from information given by the salesperson.Verify discounts, cost and sell prices

  • Check customers exemption status for sales tax, obtain appropriate certificates when required.
  • Enter new customers with correct and complete information, if salesperson does not supply all the information it is the support persons responsibility to get it.
  • Use the correct Revenue Codes
  • Print Proposal Analysis Reports for Salesperson to sign off on. Print final Proposal

Obtain outside dealers if necessary for installations outside local area.

  • Receive quotes and communicate that with the sales person.
  • Obtain Certificate of Insurance before issuing the purchase order.
  • Obtain a completed W-9 for new vendors.
  • Supply the dealer with plans and delivery tickets.

Obtain outside dealers if necessary for installations outside local area.

  • Check clients purchase order against the proposal (if you have one) prior to ordering.
  • Run purchase order and fax to the vendor.
  • Receive acknowledgement – verify the quantity, price and description.
  • Enter dates in Team Design. Verify that ship dates are within the required time for installation.
  • Follow up with vendor if an acknowledgement is not received within 1 week.
  • Handle any discrepancies between manufacturer and salesperson to obtain ship dates as quickly as possible.

Run Backlog Report once a week for each salesperson individually.

  • Meet with each salesperson once a week to go over the backlog report.
  • Communicate on the Backlog Report any jobs that need to be scheduled.
  • Meet with the Installation Coordinator for scheduling.

Coordinate Installation

  • Verify with the Warehouse Manager that the product is here from
  • Receiving Reports
  • Review upcoming jobs to verify product will arrive in time for the scheduled installation.
  • Follow up with the vendor to expedite the order.
  • If product comes in damaged or short shipped follow up with the vendor to get the replacements here as soon as possible.


  • Receive Delivery Tickets signed from Installation daily. Verify your daily tickets from the Backlog Report.
  • Handle any issues that arise from installation; warranty claims, damaged product and any replacement orders with the manufacturer.
  • Communicate to Accounts Payable any credits that will be received via the Credit Due Form.
  • Communicate to the Salesperson any issues that need to be discussed.
  • Invoice the job out and file in the prospective Open Receivables file.

Work as a team with the other Support employees. When someone is out of the office help their salespeople as needed. Do filing when the job is closed in the appropriate files.